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9:30am in the Church
First Sunday of the month in the Chapel
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Tuesday, 7:15 AM

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Our Mission

"We seek to know and love Christ,

to know and love the stranger,

to know and love each other."

We are being intentional about our life together.
Our mission is challenging and compelling...

Where do your find yourself and your ministry in it?

"We seek to know and love Christ"
We do not know God in the ways we think we do.  We always need to grow further in our knowledge and in our ability to love Christ, the anointed divine life that is Jesus who is also like us, human.  Jesus Christ is at the center of our life together.  He is the head of the Body that we are a part of.  All the parts are needed and desired.

In seeking to know and love Christ, we worship and learn together.

"We seek to know and love the stranger"
Loving Christ leads to loving the stranger -- the one we do not know who is different from us.  The stranger can be in our midst, outside our door, far away, or as close as our own self.  We become estranged from ourselves when we live a life that is not centered in Christ.  To know the "other" in our midst and beyond, to extend ourselves in love, is to be transformed in love in the way that Jesus was.

In seeking to know and love the stranger, we reach out to volunteer in our community.

"We seek to know and love each other"
Loving Christ and those beyond ourselves is sustained by a community of friends in Christ.  More than having respect for each other, we seek to actually know each other and support each other in a life of faith as we live out our lives that are centered in Christ.  It is in actually knowing each other that we can love and care for each other and strengthen the heart of this community of Christ.

In seeking to know and love each other, we share fellowship together and we support each other.