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Fellowship at St. Stephen’s

In this community we invite you to engage in ministry alongside others so that you may come to know and appreciate God’s life in theirs. We envision of a world in which God’s transforming love is lived, shared, and celebrated by all. Join us in our mission to bring this world about!

“By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”  ~John 13:35

Episcopal Churchwomen

You are invited:
The Episcopal Church Women meets five times a year on the second Thursday of the month. Our meetings are held in October, November, February, March and an April business meeting devoted to the Cloud 9 Grants for the year. For specific information on our monthly meeting please see the monthly church Bulletins and the E-Messengers.

The details:
2nd Thursday of the Month (October, November, February, March and April)

11:00 am – Meeting and Program in the Parish Hall
12:00 noon – Complimentary Lunch

Women’s Retreat

St. Stephen’s 2017 Women’s Retreat
Check back for dates this fall

St. Andrew’s House Retreat and Conference Center 
You are Invited!
Contact Ann Griffin 206.729.9510

Download Brochure 

St Stephen’s Men’s Retreat, 2017

Men’s Retreat – 2017

(check back for dates once this is announced)    

St. Andrew’s House on Hood Canal

Dinner Groups

Groups meet monthly, November – September
Here’s your opportunity to meet other members of St. Stephen’s and get to know them in meaningful and wonderful ways!

Download a sign-up form & turn it in to the church office. 

Groups will be 6 – 8 people, meeting at times decided by the group members.  These fellowship groups provide an informal setting for members to become acquainted, sharing their backgrounds and experiences, and developing enduring relationships.

Questions? Contact The St. Stephen’s office.

Men’s Breakfasts & Dinners


2nd Wednesday of the Month

8:00 am • 
In the Parish Hall Kitchen


4 Times a Year
6:00 pm • 
In the Parish Hall Kitchen

The truth is that the men of our church are gifted in diverse and wonderful ways.  We owe each other the opportunity to really get beyond just a nodding acquaintance.

That is why we formed the Men’s Breakfast Group. At present, it is a potluck with everyone bringing something to share. We usually have more than enough to feed double the number who come, and average about 8 members each month, with a total group of about 30.

Deep friendships have emerged from these breakfasts and our annual retreats. We circulate the E-Male newsletter every month, which is a terrific reminder of our breakfast together.

Softball Team

The St. Stephen’s Stones is our co-ed softball team. We play in a local church league on most Sunday afternoons from mid-May through early August.

It’s good fun, competitive yet absolutely friendly, and a great group of parishioners from 20s to 50s.

Questions? Ask Jeff Staples.

Women’s Activity Group

All women are invited to participate in Walk Around Greenlake (WAG) “First Friday” Walks!

 WAG is open to all women and we would love to have you and your friends join us for our first Friday walks.

All women ages 18 to 118 are warmly invited to join us for fun our funwalk once a month at 8:55 AM. We walk at Greenlake Park on the path near the community center and walk counter-clockwise. Join us for the walk and/or coffee afterwards at Starbucks. Anyone is welcome regardless of St. Stephen’s membership. We hope to see you there!

Our activities include potlucks, hiking, craft nights, theater outings, bonfires, kayaking, biking, dinners at ethnic restaurants… anything fun that we can think of!

To find out what we’re up to this month, or to get on our email list, contact us at the parish office.  See you there!


The gardens on the church grounds are planted and maintained by members of the Guild with generous support from donations and memorial gifts.

Planting events happen several times a year on Saturday mornings, with lunch included.

Come join us, and have some fun planting!

Questions? Contact Keltie Wright 206.527.4467