Laura Lambert, Director of Operations​

Laura grew up surrounded by the natural beauty of the Wenatchee Valley in a home that was literally open to all. She’s been busy re-creating that welcoming home inside a big, beautiful world ever since.

While raising her own children–working in their schools and nannying for dozens of families–countless other kids found a home in her warm and yes-you-can presence.

As Director of Operations, Laura has extended the borders of her homelife right into St. Stephen’s. Her “Can Do” attitude has been instrumental in the extraordinary amount of renovation that has occurred over the last year.

But church, like home, is far more than bricks and mortar or even a job.  Even though it can make for a seven-day work week, Laura finds the sweetest part of the work is attending St. Stephen’s on Sundays to connect with God, connect with others, and connect others to St. Stephen’s…all while effortlessly ironing out details for the coming week.

As for whatever Laura’s “Can Do” can’t (quite) do: Her kids and a small army of young adults remain just a text away to run cable, design graphics, or whatever Mama says, “Hey–I need you do to do this for me.”

Office: 206.522.7144

Cell: 206.664.1301