The Rev’d Peter D. Snow, Associate Priest

Peter Snow grew up in England during WWII. As a member of St. John’s College, Cambridge, he studied academic theology and graduated with both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in the subject. He was ordained a priest of the Church of England in Birmingham, where he served as a parish priest.

Peter moved to the United States with his family in 1967, and while in Southern California during the early seventies, experienced the full force of the Cultural Revolution. He subsequently helped develop alcohol treatment programs, battered women’s protection and assistance programs, and post-traumatic stress studies. He also worked on minority youth issues and youth ministries.

Peter is the author of three books.

The Book of Sam: Putting Together a Spiritual Life Without a Lot of Belief (2018)

Jesus: The God App. Conversations Along the Way (2017)

Jesus: Man, Not Myth (2011)