Special Announcement

Dear St Stephen’s Family,

I write today to announce my resignation as Rector of St Stephen’s Episcopal Church. My final celebration of the Eucharist at St Stephen’s will be on Sunday, July 18, the official date of my separation.

It has been a privilege being Rector of St Stephen’s Episcopal Church. Now our vision and paths for ministry have diverged. This is admittedly hard. It is like a divorce in which we grieve not for the past, but for what could have or should have been.

Whenever a rector leaves a parish, the parish, the rector, and the community necessarily encounter mixed feelings, along with a combination of hope and anxiety about what comes next. Bishop Rickel and his staff along with the Vestry will be in regular contact and will chart a faithful path to the calling of a new rector in due course. The many questions that inevitably arise during a time of transition will be answered as the process unfolds.

Know that I desire all the best for St Stephen’s as it discerns where God is leading and where you will join God in ministry.

Farewell, and God’s richest blessings to you all.

Robert +

Robert Beicke
The Rev. Robert Beicke