Find the Support You’ve Been Looking For

Pastoral care is the ministry of Jesus’ friends, showing Christ’s love by the care that is provided to one another in time of need. At St. Stephen’s Church, both clergy and laity are active providers of this ministry. Find the support you’ve been looking for.

Twelve-Step Groups

Our church building hosts a weekly Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, and Alateen meetings. For more information about each group, please visit their websites below.
Alcoholics Anonymous

Meets Tuesdays
 7:30 pm in the Great Hall


Communion At Home

Eucharistic Visitors take Holy Communion from the Sunday altar to the homes of those who are unable to be present at worship because of a sickness or infirmity.
To receive communion at home, please let the clergy know or call the church office, 206-522-7144. 

Memorial Receptions Support

This team of caring individuals coordinates with clergy and bereaved families to make arrangements for memorial receptions.
Please contact the church office at 206-522-7144.

“Spirit One” – the Prayer Chain

As we lift the suffering or grieving in prayer, we become the conduit through which God’s love flows to them, bringing comfort and peace. Intercessory prayer is not an attempt to tell God what to do, but to enable God’s power to be released in those for whom we pray.

Questions? Contact Betsey Blossey at 206.707.8374 

Do You Have a Prayer for the Prayer Chain?

Requests for prayer may be made for whatever need you or your loved one is facing:

Heart problems
Stomach ailments
Lung complications
Job loss
Broken relationships
Other emotional and physical issues

When submitting a petition, please give both first and last names – unless anonymity is desired.

The person for whom prayers are asked should give his/her consent, if at all possible.

Unless an extension is requested, names stay on the prayer list for one month.

The initiating person is expected to report developments to Betsey Blossey within two weeks or sooner, especially if an extension of time is desired.

Do You Want to Be a Member of the Prayer Chain?

Prayer Chain members agree to pray daily for each request. A monthly list is sent, which is added to by telephone messages during the month.
When the Rector, other staff, church office, or Coordinators receive a prayer request, it is immediately transmitted to the first name on both chains.
Each chain member then transmits the petition to the next person. And so on until the last listed person has been notified.