The 21 Club

When the doors first opened on January 1, 1930, few could imagine that ‘21‘ would become one of the most famous speakeasies of all time.  Located in New York City, the club has charmed celebrities and captains of industry alike for over 80 years.   It is alive with history, and has become the namesake of many dinner clubs, country clubs and social clubs in small towns, all over the U.S.

St Stephen’s is creating its very own 21 Club for 21 days, from Sept 6 to Sept 27, 2021 to make sure the storied history of our parish remains alive and vibrant for many years to come. The purpose of this 21-day campaign is for St. Stephen’s to raise the money to fill the 2021 financial gap we are facing. We will then celebrate a victory at the end of this very special club.  The Vestry and staff have looked at our finances with a microscope and are cutting every reasonable expense that can be cut, without losing our programs and the funding of all our staffing positions.  We are still running a significant shortfall.  The staff and vestry, and many of the heads of our ministries are committed to working harder, but we need your help at this critical time.

Thus, you are invited to join the “21 Club”. The goal is to have every member of the church participate in this.  We are asking for financial gifts. 

  • Can you give $21,000.00?

  • Can you give $2100.00?

  • Can you give $210.00?

  • Can you give $21.00?

  • Can you give $2.10?

           The heart of this campaign is not equal gifts, but equal sacrifices.  Even children and youth can participate.  If you are able and would like to participate, please place your check or cash in an envelope and label it “21 Club.”  Mail it to the church office or place it in the offering plate on Sunday morning.  Or donate online at You will be notified about the celebration of the club!

With God’s help, we can balance our budget and have a surplus to take into 2022.  Thank you in advance for helping your church, and God bless you.

Let’s Do This!!