lenten reading series: Introduction

These readings are from the book, Jesus, The God App.

There are serious unanswered questions about that week in Jerusalem that ended with the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth.

  • Who wanted Jesus dead?
  • Why would anyone want such a nice guy dead?
  • There must have been more to it than healing on the Sabbath or dropping a few parables.
  • What were the stakes for the authorities?

To carry the story along I invented Annas’ Diary. Annas had been High Priest some 15 years before Caiaphas, but had been deposed by the Romans. He was that bad. He continued to run the Temple Monopoly through his sons which he had appointed High Priest one after another. Finally in Jesus’ day, his
son in law was made High Priest.

Annas’ Diary is fictitious. I use it to outline the plot that ensnared Jesus during that last week and ensured his death.There is nothing fictional about that.

The other piece of fiction is Jonathon. He is in the book as ayoung man and friend of John the Evangelist. He is secretary to Annas, and learns of Annas’ intention of getting rid of Jesus but not in time to prevent the plot succeeding.